Creativity – 101

Nature is endlessly creativity.  Nature’s evolution is a constant interplay of incompressible dynamics and emergent dynamics that results in creative complexity dynamics.  Evolution is a constant process of building creativity on top of creativity…

Chaos and Complexity


More and more in the early part of this 21st century we are being made to realise the creative power of complexity dynamics and its potential for system self-organisation and creative emergence.  Over the last 400 years cause and effect has told us a lot about the dynamics of simple systems without feedback, but the dynamics of complex systems with feedback is a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant and important to understand.

Fundamentally complexity is consolidated “information”.  People might generally think about evolution in terms of “plants and animals”, but in reality plants and animal are really just “information structures”, and evolution simply creates evermore complex information structures (structures that are ever more difficult to mathematically compress).

So essentially evolution is not about biology, it is about “emergent information”.  Evolution created us, and we in turn create complex information structures.  In fact it could be reasonably argued that  And this new age of accelerated evolution will be dominated not by nature’s creativity but by “Human Intuition and Deep Creativity”…

The section is made up of three parts

Part 1:  The Emergent Mind

Part 2:  Deep Intuition

Part 3:  Deep Creativity