Monthly Archives: January 2016


Today (20th January 2016) I revamped this website.  I did this because over the last number of months it became obvious to me (from feedback) that “Coarse Damping” was too contorted a term for most people to grasp, and it would be better to highlight how

Chaos and Complexity are simply

“dynamics that are difficult to compress”…

The primary result of this revamp therefore is that, within the permanent pages, I have expanded on the idea that “Chaos and Complexity” are different manifestations of systems that “coarse damp to equilibrium” by explaining that this “coarse damping” is always the result of “Incompressible Dynamics”.

Furthermore, in order to quantify the unpredictability of these incompressible dynamics, I have borrowed from Computer Science the concept of “Information Entropy”

Matrix of Entropy Dynamics - Copyright - Kieran D. Kelly

Now that I have revamped the permanent pages on this website, I intend to start blogging in earnest.

The idea behind the permanent pages is that they will hopefully act as a knowledge base, that the blog posts can reference.

The subject matter of this blog site  going forward will be “Emergent Complexity in the 21st Century”…