Kieran D. Kelly

Experimental Computer Scientist, and Specialist in Complex Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics.

KDK 001

Founder and Director at Complexity Dynamics, a FinTech Development & Incubation company. Complexity Dynamics develops machine-learning artificial intuition that identify “signatures of behaviour” in complex nonlinear systems.

Chief System Architect at Match Capital, a machine-learning and algorithmic-matching Venture Capital Platform.

Co-Founder of Probability Dynamics Limited a machine-learning and algorithmic-trading Hedge Fund.

Board member of the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory in University College Dublin.

Expert knowledge of Nonlinear Dynamics & Emergent Complex Systems, Big Data & Machine Learning, Information Theory, Statistics & Probability, Experimental Mathematics & Computation, Emergent & Behavioral Economics, and Nonlinear Dynamics (as applied to Financial Markets and the Complex Adaptive Economy in particular; and all forms of Complex Adaptive Systems in general).

Extensive experience in: Mathematical Modelling, Derivative Pricing, Risk Management, Portfolio Design, and High Frequency Trading.