Incompressible Dynamics

My journey to understand Complexity was kick-started in 1994 by a book (by author M. Mitchell Waldrop) called “Complexity – The Emerging Science at the edge of Order and Chaos”.  In this book the author suggested that complexity should not occur because it seems to defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics (SLOT) and the concept of maximizing “Entropy”.

I had come across the SLOT in school and college and knew it dealt with the spontaneous distribution of energy, but could not remember much about the concept of entropy.  To my surprise, when I looked it up, I found that entropy was associated with disorder; and that according to physicists everything in the universe spontaneously moves towards disorder — which was certainly not my experience, nor my understanding of nature’s evolution.

This apparent conflict between evolution and a fundamental law of physics sparked my curiosity.  I became curious to understand why physicists would believe such a thing*, but furthermore, and more importantly, I began to wonder “what is the source of nature’s spontaneous order and complexity?”

*it turns out it is locked-in history, but now that I understand complexity I realize that virtually everything comes down to locked-in history…


This website is dedicated to uncovering the universal source of spontaneous order and complexity.  This section of the website focuses on a simply fact that is rarely, if ever, highlighted about the SLOT; the fact that it relies heavily on the damping effect of the “Law of Large Numbers” (LLN)…

This section will investigate the concept of a “Reverse Law of Large Numbers” (RLLN), and examine what effect the two different forms of the RLLN have on all fluid-like systems, and how the interplay of both brings about all the complexity we see in nature, as the inevitable evolutionary result of “Incompressible Dynamics”

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