Evolution – 101

If we truly believe that the universe is dominated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics (SLOT), and the inevitable decay into disorder, then there is a question still awaiting an answer: “What are the forces driving Evolution’s Spontaneous and Progressive Complexity?…”

In 1977, the Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, for his work on his  “Theory of Dissipative Structures”.  Prigogine’s theory suggests that for complex ordered structures to come into existence, these entities must be capable of “exporting” their internal disorder to the external environment.

However while this theory would seem to go some way towards solving the paradox of how order can emerge from disorder, it still does not manage to identify what fundamental forces are actually driving nature to progress to ever-greater complexity.   Physics has as yet offered no explanation for Evolution’s Progressive Arrow of Time!

In this section we will address this paradoxical conflict between physics and natural evolution by focusing on a very simple fact that has been consistently overlooked about the SLOT; the fact that it relies heavily on both the “Damping” and “Balancing Effects” of the “Central Limit Theorem” and the “Law of Large Numbers (LLN)”…

In this section we will address the concept of a “Reverse Law of Large Numbers (RLLN)”, and show how in the simplest possible terms, Evolution is merely the result of the “interplay” of the two different forms of the RLLN; simply the interplay of “Incompressible Dynamics”, and “Self-Reinforcing Dynamics”

Matrix of System Dynamics - Copyright - Kieran D. Kelly

This section addresses the following topics

The Reverse Law of Large Numbers

Incompressible Dynamics

Self-Reinforcing Dynamics

Complexity Dynamics