Kieran D. Kelly

Experimental and Applied Mathematician, Specialist in Complex Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics.

KDK 001Founder of Complexity Dynamics Limited. Decoding Complex Systems, by mathematical identification of “signature patterns of behaviour” hidden within a system’s complex nonlinear dynamics…

Co-Founder of Probability Dynamics Limited, a machine-learning and algorithmic-trading Hedge Fund.

Board member of the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory in University College Dublin.

Expert knowledge of Nonlinear Dynamics & Emergent Complex Systems, Big Data & Machine Learning, Information Theory, Statistics & Probability, Experimental Mathematics & Computation, Emergent & Behavioral Economics, and Nonlinear Dynamics (as applied to Financial Markets and the Complex Adaptive Economy in particular; and all forms of Complex Adaptive Systems in general).

Extensive experience in: Mathematical Modelling, Derivative Pricing, Risk Management, Portfolio Design, and High Frequency Trading.