Incompressible Physics

The central idea that runs through everything on this website is that many complex things are merely different manifestations of  “Incompressible Dynamics”.  If we were to extend this idea to Quantum Mechanics it could suggest that maybe “Matter” is simply “Incompressible Energy”.  So in keeping with the theme of this website we ask

Is it possible that the physics of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity merely represent Compressible and Incompressible Dynamics?…

It might seem foolhardy to even broach the subject of Quantum Mechanics (QM), because, as we all know, the internet is awash with people who do so, only to be labelled as a “crackpot” as a result; but sadly however, I just can’t stop myself; I just can’t buy into the whole “observer” and “wave-particle duality” bollox.  QM as it stands might be right, but I suspect there is a good chance that the so-called “Copenhagen Interpretation” was really just Niels Bohr papering over the cracks…

The amazing thing about QM is that it is fundamentally the only piece of physics that doesn’t make any logical sense at all.  Everything in physics makes sense (once you’ve thought about it) except for this one little thing – the double slit experiment (yeah, yeah, there’s lot of other things about QM that are weird you might say; but in truth all the weirdness stems from the double slit experiment).

Everything in physics makes sense but this one little thing; but instead of thinking, as I’m sure Einstein and Schrodinger did, that there might be something fundamentally wrong in the interpretation or in the back-story, the physics establishment seem to throw their collective hands in the air, and said who are we to question God; which might seem a fair enough thing to say except that before the double-slit experiment, God had never played dice before, not even with space and time.

If you think, in particular, about how Einstein managed to formulate his theories of Special and General Relativity (theories of behaviour so un-obvious in our everyday world), purely from deductive reasoning (i.e. from logical thinking alone), and yet despite the strange conclusions of his deductive thought process, his explanations at the end of the day still made logical sense.

So if Einstein could see that something as weird and non-intuitive as the elasticity of a combined space-time could still make sense, it is no wonder that he was irritated by the fact that the “inductive explanation” of observations in the double-slit experiment made no sense at all.

Richard  Feynman famously said “nobody understands Quantum Mechanics”.  But maybe the reason that not even eminent physicists understand QM might be that they are misunderstanding the reason why the mathematics works so well in the first place.

The truth is that the Schrodinger Wave Equation of QM only works in the collective; it only works because we are dealing with billions of particles, and so there is a very good chance that the reason the mathematics works so well is because it relies on the Law of Large Numbers, and the fact that the Central Limit Theorem is a very powerful piece of (compressible) mathematics…

Ah you might say, but there is also “Quantum Entanglement”, “the ultimate proof that Einstein’s criticism of quantum superposition was wrong!”.  No, the Bell Test Experiments are not proof of quantum superposition; they are simply evidence of a certain type of correlated behavior, that is not consistent with “bullet-like particles”.  But what if the particles are not bullet-like (in their behavior), what if these particles have some other characteristics that could cause many of them acting together to exhibit nonlinear correlations and wave-like characteristics?

In this section we will investigate

  1. “Oscillating Photons”
  1. “Quantum Relativity”