Emergence – 101

In a universe that is believed to be dominated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics (SLOT), and the inevitable disintegration into  disorder, the question arises:  “What could possibly be the source of Nature’s Self-Designing Complexity?”

To answer this apparently complex question we will focus on a simply fact that is rarely, if ever, highlighted about the SLOT; the fact that it relies heavily on the “Balancing and Damping Effects” of the “Central Limit Theorem” and the “Law of Large Numbers” (LLN)…

Here we will investigate the concept of a “Reverse Law of Large Numbers” (RLLN), and examine what effect the two different forms of the RLLN (i.e. Increased Dependency & Increased Activity) have on all fluid-like systems, and how the interplay of both is the natural driving force behind all of nature’s self-organizing and self-designed complexity…


This section addresses the following topics

The Reverse Law of Large Numbers

Incompressible Dynamics

Emergent Dynamics

Complexity Dynamics